We believe that life is to celebrate.

We believe it is important to keep you regularly informed of developments in the rapidly changing disability and aged care sectors, to provide further information on Assured Home Care’s range of care services and to take the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our clients and staff!

23 July 2020

Latest from the NDIS

As at July 1, the geographic rollout of the NDIS is now complete, with the inclusion of Christmas Island and the ... Read more

23 July 2020

Cooking up some good Ideas

With meal preparation part of her NDIS plan, client Vanessa has been spending every Thursday with Assured Support Worker Bec, ... Read more

16 July 2020

Finding a place to call home

For Assured clients Lisa and Cheryl, two individuals who share a remarkably similar journey, the ability to live independently and ... Read more

02 June 2020

Supporting you Outside the home, as well as Inside

Introducing Assured’s Home & Garden Maintenance Services. As we officially come into Winter, the shorter days and cold dreary we... Read more

29 May 2020

Life Experience an Asset in Community Services

An ability to relate to people of all ages, abilities and walks of life is an essential skill for a ... Read more

29 May 2020

Bridging the gap during COVID-19

Coronavirus is affecting us all, and there are people in our community who are especially vulnerable. That hasn’t stopped As... Read more

23 April 2020

What's Your Story?

Getting to know our clients at a deeper level is always rewarding. Client Vicky is proof that behind every person, ... Read more

23 April 2020

Things to do while in COVID-19 lockdown

We’ve been discovering a lot of fun things you can do/places you can go from the comfort of yo... Read more

23 April 2020

Community Support - Not just a job, but a career, and way of life

We love that our Support Workers are ambitious to develop their careers in disability care. Read more

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